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February 8, 2008
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1001 clues by alexiuss 1001 clues by alexiuss
6. You immediately know any of given artist's name by glancing at their avatar.

7. You constantly reload your page to check for new page views, comments, and notes.

8. You get really excited and do a happy dance when you see your messages in the double-triple digits... and know what that means = DD!

9. You HAVE over one million pageviews.

10. You HAVE over 10'000 watchers.

11. You've done every single art tutorial available: [link]

12. You've made your own tutorial, no matter how cheesy and educational-ish:

13. You're bribing people for pageviews.

14. You bought ADCast.

15. Your room is covered with prints bought from DA:

16. You make new accounts with giant emoticon avatars so you can use them in normal conversation like real emoticons.
( :iconohshitplz: :iconimhappyplz: :iconohnoesplz:)

17. You know what *, =, and ~ mean when they're next to a Dev. Name

18. When it seems that the only pieces of art left in the world involves nudity, Naruto, or both.

19. When the word deviation has lost its meaning, and just counts for an art someone made.

20. When you've forgotten the password to your account since you're automatically logged in.

21. You freeze up and start to twitch when the site goes into “system maintenance mode”; as you can’t access your account.

22. When your soul purpose of making art is to post it on DeviantArt.

23. When you write a 1001 clues that you've been spending too much time on DeviantArt list

24. You've convinced your family: parents, brothers, sisters, cousins to join DA.

25. You've convinced ALL your friends to join DA.

26. You read your sister's journal and jot notes [comment] in it [then wonder why she gets mad]

27. You've joined more dA clubs than real ones

28. You answer more polls in journals than in magazines/surveys/etc.

29. Most of your clothing consists of devwear.

30. When your internet homepage is set to DA.

31. You log on to DA whenever you can in school.

32. When you check your DA account more than once every hour for 6 hours straight

33. When you come to love but two shades of grey. Or is it gray?

34. You have phone conversations with your family/friends about what they've/you've seen DA today.

35. You get a tattoo of your favorite DA artwork.

36. You can easily contribute several more clues to this list.

37. If, even though you have other things you need to do, you stare at your homepage for about 3 seconds then hit F5- repeatedly looking for messages/dev/notes for a few hours.

38. You spam ThumbShare forum and chat with your artworks in hopes of people faving them

39. When you start watching people in the hope they start watching you back.

40. You start confusing porn and artistic nudes

41. You know all the Naruto and Harry Potter spoilers and you've never even watched the shows or read the books.

42. You watch so many people that you get 3 digit deviations and have time to look at and comment on all of them.

43. Your only line of communication is through deviant notes.

44. The only thing you can think to talk about all day is "OMG SUM1 ART STOLE AMURIA!"

45. You read all 323 journals that you get on your watch everyday and respond to them all.

46.When you post "OGMZ FIRST COMMENT!!!!" on some popular deviant's art before actually looking at it.

47. When you talk in DA lingo during normal conversation, even though the other people have no idea what you're talking about.

48. When you fave every DD for that day while waiting for new messages.

49. When you have more DA friends than real ones.

50. You make a DeviantArt page for your pet: mouse, cat, dog, bird, fish… etc.

51. When you`ve done all the possible memes on DA

52. When you own a Fella plushie.

53. When you sleep with a Fella plushie every night.

54. When you start your own Meme:

55. When you try to think what you did today, and the only thing that comes up is that you've been on DA.

56. When the day you've joined DeviantArt is a major turning point for your life

57. When it's 1 in the morning, you have to wake up at 5, but you can't get off until you read one last journal.

58. When your watch count reaches quadrupal digits.

59. When you notice the DA glitches before anyone else, and have told everyone on your journal rather before the mods even catch wind of the problem.

60. You spend a good ten minutes coming up with a good ending line to a comment.

61. When you know all the deviant art chatspeak there is.

62. When you know the deviant art emotions like the back of your hand... ALL OF THEM

63. You create an army of doom bringers to your bidding... [link]

64.You know you're a DA addict when you look at the main page and begin to realize just how many people think Naruto is better than real art.

65. When you stay up all night to get a screenshot of the pageview number 100 000 of some popular artist.

66. When you spend years coding a “favorite everything on screen” button.

67. When you go on the music forum click a thread, post a comment and instantly get flamed so hard your eyebrows fall off.

68. When you have successfully and in a coherent message, used every emoticon in the DA database.

69. When you panic about not having an Internet connection for a night just cause you won’t be able to go on DA.

70. When you spend the entire night trying to think of something to add to this list.

71. You read one journal and you feel an itching to check your messages to see how many people have commented in the last 2 minutes.

72. When you wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom and you come back and decide to check your DA messages even though you just shut your laptop at 1am.

73. When you manage at least 1 DA club and are still able to comment back on every comment, journal, and keep up with everyone on both your club and your regAccount(s).

74. When you use DA like a check list. Writing down important dates and a to do list instead of using NotePad or sticky notes on your desk.

75. You are saving money to go half way around the world to meet a friend you've only talked to on DA.

76. When you can think of over 20 reasons others might think that you spend too much time on DA.

77. When you're mother asks you "what are you doing" and you reply "writing a journal for DA" and then a few hours later she asks the same questions and you reply "I'm working on another journal for DA. The last one is outdated!"

78. When you've went through DA galleries so many times that every time a friend sends you a cool picture they found on DA over MSN and you say "Oh yeah! I saw that one^_^" no matter what they send or when.

79. When you take the time to read this all and you say, "Hey! That sounds like me!"

80. When you got 200 pages of favs (24 art pieces per page)

81. You keep speaking to your friends about the pros out here on dA.

82. When you write a contribution to this list and keep refreshing this page in hopes of seeing it added to the list.

83. When you keep on refreshing on your favorite artist’s page when he/she's online, waiting for him/her to submit a deviation to be the FIRST person to comment.

84. When you complain that you are better than Daily Deviation guys.

85. Using a deviantART skin for Windows/Cellphones/Winamp/..etc

86. When you find Artistic Nude as Free Porn.

87. When you click on "Random Deviant" as tabs, and you paste "Hello Random Deviant!” to each Random Deviant.

88. When you think about your greatest accomplishment, and it's your DeviantArt page

89. When you log on to dA in tech class when what you really SHOULD be doing is building a stupid mousetrap car...

90. When you have dreams about things on deviantart, or your dreams are set in pieces that you've seen on dA or you have dreams of getting a DD.

91. When you have answered all your messages you go to your page and scroll up and down/browse your own gallery until you get a message or deviation.

92. When being in the "top ten percent" of anything just isn't a compliment anymore.

93. When a "stalker" is a good thing

94. When your deviations are so popular that people steal them.

95. When the word "watch" is no long associated to a device to tell time, but to a devWatch.

96. When someone comments you and you reply in less than 1 minute.

97. When you spend all your time thinking of new dA IDs for your front page.

98. When you know all the "hot" debates going on and every artist involved in it.

99. When, chances are, you know and watch all the artists in the debates.

100. When you associate numbers only with pageviews, comments, and kiribans.

101. When 80% of your time spent online is on Deviantart.

102. When u start writing 1001 clues when 101 should be enough…

103. You learn the meaning of "yaoi" from DA's front page.

104. When even your mother gets excited and asks how you're doing on dA because you keep on telling her about it.

105. Family members all have their own accounts and Note you to say dinner is ready, as it’s the only way to get your attention.

106. You spend you time on DA instead of doing a very important piece of homework that's in for the next/same day (if it happens to be the early hours of the morning)

107. When you don't say you're going to check your emails, but your notes

108. You got no time for your job left, because you were busy drawing for DA

109. Drawing for Da becomes your job

110. When your internet homepage is set to DA.

111. When you sometimes unintentionally act out emoticons in real life chat

112. When you actually know of all the artists who contributed to this list

113. You have been on DA for a year and still check it more than once a day.

114. On dA's birthday you celebrate it like you would any other birthday.

115. When you can look at the front page before you check your deviations and instantly recognize who the popular deviations are from.

116. When you try to use DA emoticons for hugs or giggles in aim/msn and then get mad when it doesn’t work

117. You think all of the fanarts are part of the real show/movie/whatever.

118. When you spend all your free time browsing deviations and then complain not having enough time to sleep

119. When you read this list and feel it could have MOAR clues.

120. When you sit 3 hours straight every day trying to come up with a new witty(er) signature

119. When the entire "most popular" and "daily deviations" sections are filled up by your art.

120. When you fav a picture in hope for a pageview.

121. When you cry because your school has blocked DA from their server.

122. When you cry because your work blocked DA from the server, labeling it “nudity”

123. Wen you count your money in months of DA subscription .

124. Every time you see Johnny Depp in a movie, you start thinking how many times you've seen his portrait drawn.

125.You talk like a Final Fantasy expert without having actually played the game.

126. When redecoration for you means new Journal CSS.

127. When you have a DA husband , mother , sister, brother , father , sister in-law , father in-law , brother in-law , mother in-law , step father , step mother and any other relative you can think of.

128. When someone just mentions that they will suggest your art for a DD, you get a DA erection.

129. When your parents eventually yell at you to get your ass off the computer from being glued to dA all the time.

130. When you hear something funny and you instantly think: that would be great as my DA Signature!

131. When you started out as a fanartist but stopped because you couldn't stand the shear amount of fanart that hits the front page.

132. When you know which artists not to flame out of fear of their hordes of fans.

133. When your heart dies everytime you see someone's art stolen.

134. When you know that when someone says they're "leaving dA" that they'll be back in less than a week.

135. When you spend upwards of 6 hours straight in one of the Damn Chats welcoming all the new kids, thumbing, and having conversations with as many people as you possibly can at once.

136. When you go to the newest section and keep refreshing the page over and over, looking for some good art when you're bored.

137. When you think you should join a support group about "DA Addiction" and join a club in DA for it.

138. When you know what a meme is.

139. When you aren't surprised to see "thx 4 +fav!" on your page and know you're supposed to say the same if YOU get fav'd.

140. When you have a subscription.

141. When you've taken the time to design your new, original, totally fantastic journal format.

142. When you go on other sites and only talk about dA.

143. When you argue with the mods about what is and isn't vector.

144. When your girlfriend/boyfriend is someone who adores your art but you've never met in real life.

145. When you're worried your IRL boyfriend will get a dA account and see all the stuff you've been making for/saying about him all this time.

146.When you try to get a completely unartistic boyfriend to join dA, just so he can see what you're talking to him about all the time.

147. You can submit a deviation with your eyes closed

148. You watch so many people that you get 4 digit deviations and have time to look at and comment on all of them.

149. When you check the Daily Deviations and hope to see something of yours there.

150. When the only resource for inspiration is DA.

151. When you feel down, DA consoles you like no one else could.

152. When you see something like this, and feel inclined to add your own input.

153. When you try to deny half of whats listed here.

154. When people around you come to know that you live on DA and no other place.

155. When instead of watching tv or doing something else to pass time, you never hesitate to choose DA first.

156. When you run out of titles for a devious piece and hope that one of your watchers can help and they do.

157. When you don't visit DA atleast once a day you begin to get withdrawal symptoms.

158. When you get trapped on DA and can't tell the difference between surrealism/photomanips and reality

159 When the DA news becomes your only source of news

160 You click through all the pics in your own gallery and comment days after submitting; "what the hell was I thinking" just to see if anyone finds it.

161 You worry that if you don’t reply to favs that ppl might think your a pompous arse

162 You don’t bother logging into the DA homepage, but have a direct link to it

163 DA stamps are an obsession

164 You’ve used the comment system as an IM service amongst several friends for HOURS.

165 When you use your Cellphone to log in to deviantART

166 When you starting "typing" the PLZ accounts instead of "Checking" or "Copying" the text.

167 When you bookmark any member that has a Pageview Kariban in his/her journal

168 You have a piece in every possible category

169 When you see someone on DA, and deep down hope s/he's looking on your page

170 You have every artbook ever announced of Devart.

171 The categories don't confuse you at all.

172 You know exactly where to put every deviantion you've ever done.

173 You know how to get to the more obscure emotions in the mood box.

174 You change your CSS weekly

175 You are subscribed for all eternity.

176 You think you can draw fella better than anyone else.

177 You invented Fella

178 You've made a tutorial on how to draw fella better than anyone else.

179 You are offended by this list as it tells you just how little of a life you have.

180 Your desktop is completely customized using things found only on DA, and has a different customization for every day of the week.

181 When you have more Prints in your wish-list than on your wall.

182 When you spend more money on commissions/prints than your parents spend on their mortgage

183 When you've installed deviantMessage so you know the exact moment you get a note, comment, journal, or deviation no matter what website you're on: [link]

184 You explain to your co-workers the amazing deviation you've seen...and then drag them to the nearest comp to SHOW them because words just don't do it justice.

185 When you mention your dA account on a job interview for a job not related to art

186 When you've had an emoticon made of you.

187 You know about your dA friends than you do about your real life friends.

188 Your best friend is someone you've only met on dA.

189 You've spent hours doing updating your CSS or you've actually taken time to personalize CSS.

190 One of your main goals in life is to become a dA @dmin or senior member.

191 You write "@dmin" rather than "admin".

192 You know how to form any kind of link on dA and you know all the html coding without having to look at the FAQ.

193 You draw more gifts, commissions and trades than personal artwork.

194 When your fav list is in 3 digit numbers.

195 When you actually take the time to find out how many favs you have.

196 When you say "fav" rather than "favourite".

197 When you use emoticons to replace words on comments and journals.

198 You've actually said "lol, lmao, rofl or xD" in real life.

199 You've accidentally written "lol, xD..." in school or at work.

200 You sign your, essay, test or exam papers with your DA name

201 When you can compose a list of things that tell you if you've spent too long on dA with over 10 things in it.

202 When you buy certain art equipment or materials just because your favorite artist uses them.

203 When you spend over 15 minutes writing a comment.

204 When the half of your messages are composed by ZOMG, DESU DESU, ROFL, LOL, LMAO, IDK, FTW, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

205 When your morning ritual consists of waking, eating and checking your comments

206 When you go on today and welcome all the new deviants

207 When you miss a date with the hottest girl you've ever met, because you were too busy commenting on someone's work.

208 When you're happy you woke up in the morning because you are sleeping you can't comment on someone's work

209 When you refresh your page (without loggin in) to increase your page views.

210 When you go to Internet cafes and ask clients to check you deviant page to increase your page views

211 When you would sell you soul to the Devil for more pageviews!

212 When you get interviewed by DA members and communities about your art.

213 "When becoming a mod of #Thumbsshare, #help or #devart becomes your main priority in life. And no matter what, you always try to play mod."

214 People who devwatch you know more about your life than your real friends.

215 You record every day how long you've spent on dA.

216 When you can't wait until the next devmeet, so that you can meet even more deviants who may comment on or fav your work.

217 Your favorite clothes are dA merchandise.

218 Your desktop is ALWAYS the latest work by your favorite devArtist.

219 You spend spare time thinking up new themes for another feature news article

220 You spend spare time thinking up your next poll.

221 You spend six hours straight updating your journal CSS.

222 One of the first things you do when you meet new people is give them your deviantART address.

223 You go into withdrawal when you haven't been on in a few days, and then spend the next three months catching up on deviations and messages.

224 You have a real deck of cards made from: [link]

225 You actually submit suggestions for Daily Deviations.

226 You've personalised your dA front page.

227 You've spent days sorting your favourites into collections.

228 Your personal aim in life is to get a certain number of pageviews on dA (>5 digits long).

229 You are a senior member or admin.

230 Your total number of pagevies is equal to or more than 10,000 x the number of years you've been on dA.

231 dA is more important to you then school, work or sleep.

232 You record what you're eating or drinking so that you can put it into your journal later.

233 You are late for work again because you just had to try leave a smartass comment on a popular journal

234 When the only way you can comment on something in a positive way anymore is...."awesome"

235 When you can recite the entire FAQ list from memory.

236 When you redirect people to your dA page when they ask for your webpage.

237 When you've hid your online status to hide how much time you spend on dA...

238 When you see a lesser-known artist that you watch has received a DD or a spot on the Popular list, you practically take it as a personal triumph.

239 You are sad when you have no comments on your gallery, or on any others that you can reply to.

240 When you begin to wonder if doing fanart actually could make you more popular.

241 When you spend more time trying to devise a witty avatar than you have spent on anything in your gallery, just to get pageviews from people who want to say "nice avy"

242 Your birthday presents are deviations dedicated to you.

243 When you start comparing people with art you've seen.

244 When you make a list of deviants who are more popular than you, so you can beat them one by one.

245 When you post more than one comment in a row on someones journal.

246 When your F5 key breaks or falls off and you completely forget theres a button at the top of the screen to refresh and you begin to cry.

247 When you press the random devaition button so many times you actually get the same one twice

248 When you know all the DA admins by both DA name and real name

249 When the deviantart emoticon legend is your second language, and when you let your mood talk for you...i.e. you hold up cards that say ten when north and south dakota start arguing

250 When you go out of town for a day and suddenly have several hundred deviations and messages to catch up with.

251 When you think that being popular on deviantArt is more awesome than being popular in real life.

252 When you get exited about seeing "1 new note" at the top of the page.

253 When you laugh at any of these clues because of how true you think they are.

254 When you don't get excited anymore about seeing "1 new note" on DA, it's just an every-day thing now.

255 You are nostalgic about how "DA used to be".

256 You meet someone else in real life with a DA account and immediatly ask if they watch [insert popular name here]

257 When you're so sick you can barely move but still manage to get on DA to check your deviations and messages.

258 When you leave on a 5 day camping trip with no wi-fi within, oh, a 30 min car drive and find that, not only are you missing DA, but you are rather scared at the thought of how much time it will take you to go through you deviations and messages, etc.

259 When you realise your DA activites are on par with a religious sect.

260 When instead of searching for images via Google Images, one searches for images using deviantART.

261 You get fired from work for being on dA during hours.

262 Your parents request that you move out of the house due to your print collection and art taking up all available living space.

263 When you buy a print from your favorite DA artist for your own birthday present.

264 When you buy a print from your faverite DA artist to show your friend that keeps forgetting to get onto DA and look.

265 When you can't resist faving this

Lets see if YOU can come up with more and add some to make zee list complete!

Bonus points if you can make funny illustrations for any of these! Submit them to me as a note and I'll update the list with a link to your illustration!

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(poke me if I missed you as contributor... which I probably might have, as this is one looong list)
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Do you have:

When you spend half the night waiting for something to appear in your mailbox.
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Holy..... That's a big list
trollolian Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
when you spend about 2 hours reading and re-reading a "1001 signs" post to make sure you didn't miss anything.
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When you come across a deviation in your favorites, and you have no recollection of ever faving it.
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you've been on DA too long when you stay up all night re-checking to see if you've got a new devation to look at.
you've also been on DA too long when you decide to make a club for every deviantart member there is.
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When you complain that you can only have three groups.
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