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February 14, 2012


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Charles Snippy: Dreams

Tue Feb 14, 2012, 2:22 AM

Entry 382:

My personal online psychiatrist is making me narrate this nonsense down on the chip embedded in my tooth in hopes that someday I may be cured of my "incompatibility" with ANNET, or at least possibly reduce the "mild psychosis caused by work-related stress" as she calls it.
I know that it's not going to happen. The problem is something genetic and while those goons in the genetics department would love to get their machines into my brain, I prefer the lack of sleep and headaches to lobotomy.
I seen the reports on their test subjects: "total neural shut-down", "subject resists integration with the net, increasing the signal strength lead to damage to the 85% of the frontal lobe."
Call me old fashioned, but I like my brain the way it is.

I've had that day-dream again. Day-mare is more likely.
A flash-mare? Not sure what to call these, really.
The transmitter towers dotting this bloody city are making my life difficult, but not as difficult as the fact that everyone expects me to work 14 hours a day.

I seem to exist entirely on microsleep.

The latest episode of microsleep was a bizarre and psychedelic combination of environments with no usual characters present who torment me with their nonsense.

Yet they did have something to do with it...
I can't remember exactly how it went but there was something about living in a fish and then being chased out of it's ribs by cake-shaped spiders?
Hah, I must have been really small to fit inside of a fish.
Ridiculous, I know!

...Wait, I can sort of remember it now.

The green eyed man-child-robot was responsible for getting me into the fish somehow... aided by the purple eyed girl? Was that it?
I remember being really angry in my dream at the green eyed one, at the fish and at the whole situation. My hate for these characters within the dream even forced me to strangle my lunch, as soon as the flash of microsleep was over.
It's not a good sign when dreams start to infect my interactions within reality.
I wouldn't want to report this to my psychiatrist. If the Directorate finds out, they might delay my transfer to the Dead Zone tourism and that would be the worst. They might permanently disallow operation of heavy machinery and then there would be no way for me to get out of this place into the Zone.
Anyway, it's not like anyone will ever review these recordings. I don't think my psychiatrist is even human, the way she talks, she could probably be just a recording made for all cases like mine by the Directorate.

According to my psychiatrist though - the sleep issues and headaches should decrease as soon as I am outside the city, deep in the Zone, the ANNET broadcasting signal there just isn't strong enough.
And I will be the one in charge, so I can set my own hours!
Screw those tourists, they can learn to live under MY sleep schedule, instead of me trying to adapt to current society's insane standards and practices.
I really dislike what humanity has become. It's like everyone is a slave, and addict to the broadcasting wave.
I saw how ridiculous people react if the broadcasting signal is down. They can't talk or act.
One of the scientists wrote a whole thesis on this matter, putting test subjects outside of broadcasting range and disallowing them to use personal transmitters with satellite reception.
The test subjects didn't know what to do with themselves. Those who stored 99% of their memories within the net, had troubles recollecting who they were and what they did without the search engine to aid their minds. This experiment had of course given the scientist a ginormous grant to build more transmitter towers and satellites. Self perpetuating insanity! It's like someone up top wants people to become machines.
The longer everyone spends online, the less human and self-reliant they become.
Mark my words, someday those fools will loose their own identities within the net!

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Hagamablabla Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
Purple eyed girl :0
catflavored Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Wait.. is Captain a girl? So confused
Dragons-Desires Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Alexiuss,have you ever read the book "Feed"? It's very similar to this, the people only talk using a chip in their brains that allow them to IM eachother, shop, and more, kinda like internet in your head. Really reminds me of it but this is much more epic <3
Nexciv Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012
Wait >.> I was pleasantly fine thinking what I was with the comics alone, now the journals make me go WHA?!? I dont know what to think the order of the happening is. Engie wrote about destroying Annet, we saw Cancer, yet Charles recalls the whale incident...Is Cancer just messing with everything right now?
NoriMori Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012
The Cancer is making Snippy and Pilot remember stuff from the past. Engie just had a flashback.

The relevant journal entries are now in the descriptions of the comic strips they go with (on the RA website). Go back and read them again and it'll make sense. Start from 59.

Some journal entries don't really go with any comics, so it doesn't matter much what order you read them in. However they were mostly submitted in chronological order, so if you read them that way you should be fine. But most of Vitaly's jouranls don't have much — or anything — to do with the story, so it's easier if I just tell you what order they're in (the important ones are also in the comics, so I've written which ones are in comics for you):

Snippy: Biographical Data 001 [link] (can also be found in comic 59)
Pilot: Things I Like [link]
Snippy: On The Road To... [link]
Snippy: Rememberances of the Past Day [link]
Engie: Regrets [link] (can also be found in comic 65)
Snippy: Flying Day [link] (can also be found in comic 66)
Snippy: Transfer [link] (can also be found in comic 70)
Pilot: Shoe [link]
Pilot: A Captive Audience [link]
Snippy: Dreams [link]
NuclearD00d Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
Actually, I'm pretty sure Cancer is manipulating memories from Snippy. Pilot however, is a broken mind and his fantasies results in becoming snippys weird nightmare dreams. Cancer is trying to integrate them into the biomass matrix. Meaning, not only his body has to be broken down, his mind would have to as well.

The journal entries gives us a backdrop to the story and dives in depth into different matters. He presents the story from specific viewpoints. This one for example, is the confused mind of snippy, assuming that the illusion is reality and that reality is a bad dream caused by his genes. To make a long story short, if snippy became engraved into the mind of cancer without his mind being broken down first, it would essentially like giving cancer.. cancer. However, pilots mind is essentially like giving cancer aids. XD

Although is this my personal interpretation. There's many interpretations available, which makes this comic so interesting.
NoriMori Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
Lol, wait...WHAT?! I don't really see how your interpretation differs from mine. XD
NuclearD00d Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
There's one difference. Yours was that they remember events. Mine was that Cancer scans their memories, distorts them and introduces them to them again. I also think the distortion also helps Cancer conncet memories, resluting in Pilots fragmented mind becoming Snippys nightmares. It's like having two new puzzle pieces with the wrong shape, so cancer hammers them stuck and makes the edges fuzzy in order to be able to glue them into the biomass matrix. The Cancer is, after all, a hive mind with some alien or something at the core. Then again, you could've meant what I said, it just didn't seem clear though. ;S

As for the connection of alexiuss journal posts, well, I misread. I assumed you said that there wasn't one. XD
I assumed that the list with compact text and links was your signature. Sorry 'bout that.
NoriMori Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
"There's one difference. Yours was that they remember events. Mine was that Cancer scans their memories, distorts them and introduces them to them again."

But...that's exactly what my theory is. I think you misunderstood me. XD

"I also think the distortion also helps Cancer conncet memories, resluting in Pilots fragmented mind becoming Snippys nightmares."

Interesting. That's possible.

"It's like having two new puzzle pieces with the wrong shape, so cancer hammers them stuck and makes the edges fuzzy in order to be able to glue them into the biomass matrix."

That's kinda like my theory, just a bit different. I think he's making Snippy remember stuff, but the memories are probably distorted and merged with other memories, so that they aren't exactly the same as what actually happened. And then, maybe Snippy had nightmares, but they weren't of the Cancer, but because that's what happened before integrating the memory of his old life, it seems from his past perspective that he dreamed about the Cancer. Or something. Am I making sense? XD
NuclearD00d Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
I assume the reason they are not glowing red skeletons yet would be because of Snippys genetically abnormality and the general fragmentation of Pilots memories. I mean, the journal state that their whole memory is stored globally in a connected network. Take over the network, take control over the people. Maybe Cancer is a bio mechanical monster rather than just a regular monster? Maybe the whole attempt at rewriting the memories to fit its purposes is basically it's primary objective. Find people, integrate them into the biomass, reach further understanding resulting in new objectives.

Reminds me of Invader Zim when Gir went nuts. Good times.

To simplify what you said at the bottom. Think Assassins Creed. To get connected to a memory you need a full synchronization. But introducing new foreign information results in disrupting the once stable harmony. As a result, you make the victim assume that the general understood reality within the matrix of people to be real. Essentially, majority decides what is truth and reality as it results in the least amount of stress within itself. Snippy is immune to the implants, thus any information introduced into his mind is not very effective and at times, Snippy wakes up, sees where the hell he is and assumes it's a nightmare, causing further stress to Cancer.

Pilot however, is clinically insane. The memory is fragmented, resulting in a stalemate. How do you twist memories if you only got pieces of memories? Let's go with a metaphor, You take an old fish from Pilot, makes is a fish stick and introduces it to Pilot only for him to turn it into a pretzel. Any attempt to confuse, twist and manipulate to introduce harmony causes more chaos. Pilot is essentially like an anti-Cancer entity. Which is pretty awesome. At the moment, the continuous chaos breeds more chaos, so much even that Cancer is overwhelmed, causing dreams and desires of Pilot to manifest itself as a full blown hallucination for Snippy. You never see Snippy wake up and shake his head over a bad nightmare, you see a frustrated Snippy trying to strangle Pilot.
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