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December 6, 2008


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following this journal post:…
According to the awesome book answers... the real answer to the riddle of number 4 group is....

black objects!

Dear god, by what twisted logic were the editor and artist operating when they came up with this crap??

Lets try and explain...
In early Soviet Russia, trains (locomotives only) looked like this:

Boots like this:

Whale like this:

Piano like this:


Problem was, the artist must have had NO idea how to draw a proper old time locomotive (which looks nothing like modern locomotives that Russia uses) and decided to make it extra hard on the kids by making everything blue and gray colors!

Thusly here's a list of deviants who guessed the answer "correctly" or somewhat along the lines of the twisted logic of the book editors:

And people who provided truly priceless and creative answers:
They're all completely screwed.
The penguin is standing in front of a train.
The boot has no foot in it.
The train has no tracks.
The whale is stranded out of the water.
The piano has no bench (nobody wants to play a piano without a bench..)


If you try to solve it in German, you'll realize they all end in the letter "L".
Whale = WaL
Bird (Penguin) = VogeL
Boot = StiefeL
Grand Piano = FlügeL
Vehicle (Tram) = VehikeL

theyre all waterproof.
the piano wont explode if put in water. it counts.

They are all objects that I have used to mindlessly slaughter the innocent.
Barbed wire, soap suds, and my victims' intestines also fall into this category.

fetishist objects

Different Movement. A whale movement is swimming... a penguin uses its crappy feet to make a different movement, waddling or hopping... a train uses rolling movement, a boot is used for walking, and the 'difficult' one -- the piano? A piano movement is: Def: 10. (Music) A self-contained section of an extended composition. .... Kinda tough puzzle for youngsters.. but maybe this test originally came out during the big 'Communism" period of Russia when all youngsters were tested for abilities such as athleticism (remember the Olympic fervor?), musical ability (National Orchestra), chess, etc... anything to showcase the great "talent pool" of Russian youths. So either the kids were familiar with the term "movement", or this test just actually was a form of a "reported IQ test"... getting this one right sent you for a real IQ test by the State... dunno about that... but this is the answer to the Common Factor

None of them appear in the other groups!

They're all three dimensional objects trapped in a two dimensional existence :(
What a tragedy..

Easy, they're all nearing extinction. Whales had been hunted, glaciers, where penguins live, are disapearing, grand pianos are being replaced by electronic ones, old trains are being replaced (and now everyone has a car) and boots are old-fashioned (but I wear a pair everyday).

they all hurt a lot of they land on you

They're all made of atoms.

These are the alphanumeric sums of each of the objects
WHALE = 44
TRAIN = 62
BOOT = 52
PIANO = 55
= TOTAL =299

Happy Feet is a movie about PENGUINS made in 2006
Snakes on a plane rhymes with TRAIN which looks like a TRAM. The film was also made in 2006
Keiko the WHALE (star of the film Free Willy) died on dec/12/2003. 2003 + '1' + '2' = 2006
Ray Charles, the famous PIANIST died on Jun/11/2004. 2004 + '1' + '1' = 2006 (the film RAY was dedicated to him)
BOOTleg copies of all of these films have been made in 2006
Finally. The film 300 was created in 2007.
2007 - 1 = 2006
300 - 1 = 299, the alphanumeric sum we found earler.
the correct answer is SPARTA

The goal is to teach inferiority to children living in communism.

They all have soul(s).
Whale/penguin have souls
soul train, getit? getit? Hahaha-*shot*
Pianos can play soul too, I think. . .
And a sole in the boot. :U

I got it. If you search up all those words in google, they lead you to this journal.…

They are all located 150 million kilometers away from the sun.

The similarity? They were all drawn by a poorly skilled artist.

they're all smarter than a room full of politicians.

Ok, so hear me out!
The piano, when analyzed closely, has two candles on it. Now...
"Most candles now available are made of paraffin wax, often blended with stearin. paraffin wax is derived from oil by-products, whereas stearin can be of animal or vegetable origin."
STEARIN can come from whales or penguins.
Secondly, boots, have rubber soles. Some rubber is made out of petroleum, and petroleum links back to oil which links back to candles which links back to animal fat. Trams, have rubber tires, which link back to petroleum, which link back to oil which link back candles which link back to stearin which links back to whales and penguins.

There ya go.
It's all a bit, well, lengthy, but I'm sure you could fit it in that box ^^

Global Warming? :XD:
No more Antarctica so no more penguins, busses/trains pollute, erm, beached whales. annnnnd.. uh.. it's so hot that no one wears boots anymore and Al Gore likes to play the piano/organ?

They all squeak if you kick them on a wet tile floor.

*images of people riding pianos flash through my mind*

they all depend on gravitation.

I think they are all flammable, you just need to have the whale and penguin on dry surfaces, then they are able to be burned.

totally ingredients for borscht

There is no correct answer. It was added to the puzzle book to teach children humility.

.... so, who wants MOAR crazy riddles?
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bonniecat Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
They all exist. 8D
ContractofContact Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2009
The common factor: if you hit them, you'll regret it. The whale...well, it's 50 times your size, you don't thit that big an animal. The pinguin is surrounded by a billion other pinguins, so you don't go there either. The piano and train are solid objects, and your hand will hurt. The shoe...well...if you hit it, it'll be flung away and you'll have to go around with one boot. That sure would suck. Especially in Russia where it isn't particularly warm.
mad-flavor Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
five letter words.

penguins = birds.
contego Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2009   Traditional Artist
theyre the odd ones out from seasame streets "one of these things are not like the others"
ObsidianSickle Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They are all drawn on the same piece of paper! :XD:
Nigai Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009
Coincidental find. This was hilarious.
Mizu05 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2009
yay. i got it right. i should have read this journal first though, or gone through all the journals I've gotten for the past two months earlier....
metalmeister5582 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
That's the biggest pile of bullshit EVAR!

Seriously, I almost committed murder because of that damn riddle.
linka-mif Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2008
Xe xe , on naverno s pahmel'ia risoval
Rich-Heart Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist



*one editor shot*
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