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November 9, 2012
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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 8:48 AM

Charles Snippy by Syudzius-sanArcher!Snippy from Romantically Apocalyptic by DepsychoThe Usual by Clue000Alternative Snippy: SAMURAI ARCHER by KabudragonCyborg Moon Child Snippy - 500 by encuneThank You, Have a Nice Day by DoomedDoodlerThe Legend of Snippy by KojinkaLuigiGodzillaMafia Snippy by Grey-WalkerThe Horror, The Horror! by MegLynn92Snippy Flower by EleeveenArrrrr RA by Eszitril:thumb336786459:Snippy Stuck by CreativeDarkPeaceWWI Snippy by LilnannySnippy Entry by Geli-KEgyptian Snippy by Dino-blankeySnippy as a Rock God xD by PurplePeople1995Coelacanth (RA entry) by MayakaEdCaveman by azeeliaSnippy in Greece by DarwinsMishapAnother life of Charles Snippy by Echoes-OrchestraSnippy surreal Jack the Ripper by TheaFlyrhhippie snippy by NarcoVampiranew Snippy habiles by jenssosaurusSnippy WWII Soldier by ItsMeMelodySnippy beleives by Kuuriketto-chansnippy the plague doctor by Earthsoul22Zee Snippy as the plague doctor by annethylSnippy's Ancestor, the musketeer by SwiftstartVictorian Snippy [500x500] by FURCIFERpardalisRA Background Entry. 17th Lancer,Past Snippy. by FlekkrSir Snippy fighting CancerDragon by Isreali-Freak-DeviDay 33b Snippy the Cell by Asmodeus317Snippy's new job by JarODragon:thumb336626489:Snippy in the future by keren-or50's snippy by Mr-Joseph-No-One

My apologies if in the final version some submissions got cut up by text bubbles.
If I missed you for some reason, poke me in this journal.

Also, following fanarts were featured in the episode!
Zee Captain and Mr. Snippy by Kamikazuh Mr. Snippy: Daily Stroll by NaviiraOn the Lookout by dondaRomantically Apocalyptic by Sol4rpleXusDehydration 2 by Sol4rpleXusMr. Snippy by Pendragon-007Mr Snippy and Mug by alexiussMr Snippy by MichiMeiMug tragedy.Romantically Apocalyptic by Haumi-KeikoRA - Auntie Snippy by Jadeitor

Also, 112 features work of
:icongrimhel: :iconjadeitor: :iconlordnetsua: and :iconchristinzakh:.

These submissions were a few hours late so they didn't make it into the comic, but they're still awesome, go give these artists hugs:
:thumb336850586:Snippy the sniper by Captain-NekoSnippey 2nd by LilFleur

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NuclearD00d Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Hm, you've put a lot of thought into this. This line should be said somewhere in the show imo. Personally, my conclusion would've simply resulted in assuming the deep bass voice being manly and the captains general awesomeness amplifying it.

The probably most witty and funniest way to present this would probably be pilot trying to explain the captains awesomeness and a tired snippy answering something along the lines of.. "So.. an electronic amplifier then?" and then some random action where pilot tries to dismiss it resulting in a frustrated snippy tries to strangle him when the captain barges into said room and wants to assign another silly mission.

You should write a fan story for the group, I've been trying to motivate alexiuss to start a writing contest for the group,
but after saying it two times to no avail, I assume he's just not that interested in it at the moment.

But hey, if you want to, I think you'll do great. You appear to have an analytical and creative mind. That plus imagination and vocabulary is all you need to write something, I think? XD
Misquel Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Thank you, that's very kind of you to say!

Part of the power of this comic is the strong relationship it has with social media. Some ideas appear to develop through fan interaction on DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, and the comic's Comments. It wouldn't surprise me if Captain was originally intended to be male, but the strong positive response to a main character undefined by gender encouraged Alexius to continue in that direction. And since videos had already been made, the explanation for a masculine voice would have to be a voice changer. I like your idea for the presentation of it, and feel it can still be done! Alexius keeps up with his fans' suggestions even if he doesn't always (rarely) replies. ;p

Perhaps try writing him an email about the writing contest idea? It's a good one!
NuclearD00d Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Well, he did respond to my comment, so I assumed he read it the first time. I got the idea while approving submissions into the group. Noticing there had been multiple apocalyptic writings that had been approved lately, I stacked them all in a new category. Some guy had for example submitted a story split into seven parts, each being pretty damn long and it's not even done yet.

I'm not sure if writing an email will help much. Instead, spread the word and start an unofficial contest between a group of friends/fans? Although I don't really think I have the time to be a judge. Got a project I need to finish before Friday.

I may look into the stories after that though, possibly and then link those I find best to alexiuss, or something. Hell, if that doesn't work, I'll award the winner with a few points and a llama. XD
Misquel Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Do you scout out RA stories for the DoomsDayNow group, or is it all by submission?
(1 Reply)
ZeIntern Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
If you're re-filming in Toronto and you need a bunch of extras for one reason or another feel free to message me and I can gather a mini-army of my Captein loving friends to help out.
TheaFlyrh Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My thingie is in it! Yay! Sorry for not making it better though. :(
MadJesters1 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Student Filmographer
Oh well. :] These entries are great! :D

Here they are anyway.
Snippy WW2-[link]
Snippy Mexican-[link]
Kiba-Shiruba Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Student General Artist
god damnit! I was just... a tad late! btw, the deadline would be easier to understand if you specified the time and date, not just however many days later...
kirza Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
aaah i missed this chance!
all the submission are awesome! xD
Irengard Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
>Image MUST be 500x500 pixels. Use lots of colors and bold shapes.

So, you was accepting also monochronic?
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