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Submitted on
December 4, 2008


Found this puzzle in an actual Russian kids book for the 2nd grade:

(my own server host failed as it run out of bandwidth, but now the image is nicely hosted on failblog)

This one is quite a mind twister. No matter how hard I thought about it, I could not come up with the defining characteristic for the last group of objects.

WFT brings them together?  They make sounds? Then why is a boot there?
Write what you think the answer is, in your comments.
The most hilarious/crazy/correct answer wins a feature.
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In English, a better answer could be that they're all compound nouns:
upright piano
grey whale
emperor penguin
cowboy boot
commuter train

Okay, it's a stretch. :-)
they're all black/grey
I can't read Russian...and these pictures only brings to mind one thing: Hallucinations.

The only way to decript this is to get a drunken man to "think" out loud.

Okay, I'll try to decript it:

If you're gonna cut yourself in your living room, you'll end up in an ambulance...and the fairy will give you a nickel...with that, you might be able to buy some antiques...and a flood happens and you're either gonna get killed by a piano or a giant whale......Theeeeeeeeeeeeee end.
actually, it's probably so bloody simple that a grade 2 student would get it and it would blow our minds. anyone have the teacher's edition?
could it be the first/last letter in their name or a syllable or something along those lines? i don't speak russian so it's anyone's guess.
Whale, Penguin, Boot, Piano, Train... That's clearly about the Apocalypse :D
They're all Right-side up.
Jazuar Dec 10, 2008  Student Digital Artist
well, if you're crap at fishing then you're likely to fish up any of those

they all pollute the ocean after all
Baleen (whalebone):

-the whale depicted isn't a toothed whale but a baleen whale
-piano springs are/were made out of baleen
-before plastic and flexible metals baleen was used, maybe also on that boot and the bus. It was used for many centuries up till the late 1900's.
-most penguins feed on krill, like the baleen whales (only the larger penguins eat fish and squids)

Maybe I'm completely wrong lol :) btw sorry for the shitty English.
Ahaha, nevermind, it's already been said.
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